Smart search for candidates in IT
We aggregate candidates' resumes from 15+ public sources: from Linkedin to Github.
Our clients
Candidates who are not on job sites
candidates are willing to consider offers even if they already have a job.

Don't limit yourself to standard search sources. Grab the attention of passive candidates.
>2 millions resumes
Our huge database of IT specialists is ready to use. Just fill in the request for demo access.
How does it work
Search the way you want to
Create simple search queries or use boolean logic. Our smart search engine will show candidates that fits the role best.
Create custom search using filters: skills, location, role, company, experience etc.
70% of profiles have contacts
The algorithm finds the candidate's email, as well as Telegram and phone. It means you'll spend less time searching for the right contact to get in touch.
We protect the reputation of your company and check all the emails it prior.
Proven experience and stack
The platform analyzes the candidate's real skill set and shows you all the technologies the developer is using right now.
Podbor is the only product scanning GitHub repos to check the actual skill set of each one of candidates.
That's how the platform sees the repositories
Сеньорность и знание английского языка
Подбор анализирует опыт кандидата и позволяет искать по сеньорности. Алгоритм также отмечает кандидатов со знанием английского языка.
Предиктивные алгоритмы отличают Подбор от других подобных систем.
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